A Major success from Holywood….

I was approached recently by the Happy Children Charitable Foundation, a childrens charity based in Belfast.
The charity works with children both abroad and at home and in one event this year took a cross community group of children to an event at Liverpool FC, Anfield (the home of football). The kids got to practice penalties at the Kop end and even got to pose with the European Cup for photos. Sadly something I dont think any of the current Liverpool FC squad have any hope of doing in the forseeable future!
In order to raise money for their work they were having an event in the Waterfront Hall in Belfast and had been given a signed Rory McIlroy Golf shirt.
The shirt was framed with a photo of him signing the shirt for authenticity and was framed in a black frame with mount.
The shirt raised £400 on the night so a major success in itself!
signed Rory McIlroy shirt with photo COA
framed signed Rory McIlroy shirt with photo COA