tick, tock, tick, tock, corporate framing on a deadline….

Last week I had an email from a local interior design company. Could I frame 10 A1 prints all to the same spec and design. Sure I said. When do you need them by?


Yes but which Friday?

This Friday.

Considering it was Monday afternoon and the prints had to be in place, hung on the wall for a grand opening this Friday at 7pm.

Can you bring the prints round tonight?

Well, not really, they are being printed in Norway this week and will be shipped to us by Thursday….

…At this point Im thinking that I would have to pull the first all nighter in years!

Before the prints arrived I prepared all the frames, glass and mounts and cleared the workshop to make sure that once the prints arrived on Thursday it would be non stop framing through the night.

Luckily enough the prints arrived early on the Thursday morning and I did manage to get a few hours sleep so I guess the all nighter will have to wait for some other time.

The client sat with the engine running at 4pm on Friday and the prints were in place, hung on display by 6pm for the 7pm door opening. 7:01pm, breathe!

Ive done tighter timescales….

…but not many!


Multiple framing of corporate artwork and prints

framing multiple items for a corporate and commercial client in belfast