Not quite the Bayeux tapestry but not far off…

A customer phoned me recently from a local craft business Carolyn’s Crafts, to ask if I could frame a tapestry. I said of course as framed religious sayings and bible verses are historically very popular framed items and are often given as gifts for weddings, christenings, christmas etc.

When Carolyn arrived at the workshop I was expecting 1 tapestry but received her range of 5, part of an inspirational message set. Simple words like Hope, Love, Dream beautifully stitched into individual tapestries.

We agreed that these stunning pieces of work would need subtle framing and went with an antique white mount with a series of hand finished individual white frames.

The customer was delighted with the finished products and even ordered some more similar frames for future work.

If you are a local business or have a series of items to frame then please contact me for details on bespoke individual hand crafted framing and timescales.
framed bespoke hand made tapestry
framed bespoke hand made tapestries