Can you frame a Princess?

I recently had a gentleman come to me from Crumlin with quite a large poster measuring 47 inches by 60 inches (120cm x 152cm)

The print was purchased in America last summer and was so big it had to go in the hold. It was bought as a birthday present to the gentleman’s wife. The print was one of the old style railway type posters of the TSS Caledonian Princess on the old Larne Stranraer route, one of her favourite scenes.

The second stage of the present was to get it framed. With such a large poster the glass was a special order and to accommodate it I built a hardwood oak frame for strength and rigidity. The client asked if it was possible to get a close colour match on the frame to the colour of the flooring in the room he was going to display it. I asked him to get the name of the stain he had used on the floor and better than that, he supplied me with the half used tin of stain he had left over.

When finished there was the issue of transport and getting the van far enough down their lane to not have to carry the huge and now very heavy piece of artwork too far.

When it was displayed in the newly decorated room his wife was delighted with the poster and mentioned how much of a coincidence it was that the frame exactly matched the flooring! All in a days work!

large print poster framing
large print poster framing