Baby Steps

Thanks for all the emails about the post about the framed toys, I can appreciate it brought a tear to the eye to some of you, it was one of those things you work on that you know you are doing a good thing!
So here’s one to get you all going again.
In the last week Ive had two separate customers from the greater Belfast area come to me to frame their baby’s first shoes and baby’s first top. Needless to say their babies aren’t babies any more and they wanted both items framed and on display rather than in boxes in the loft.
The first one was the Babys first shoes. The gentleman found them in a search of the loft and thought they would be a great gift to give his wife. Now that’s one for all of you who say that men aren’t romantic! Oh and for all you men out there, I’ll do a few blog posts in the next couple of weeks if you are stuck for ideas for Christmas presents!
The framed shoes had to be reasonably small and slightly subtle frame as he just wanted to go home, put it on the wall and see how long it would take his wife to notice. I put it in a four inch box frame and chose white card as he didn’t know which wall he was going to hang it on so I went for a neutral background. All I can say is it didn’t take her long and she even rang and thanked me!

framing a babys first shoes
The second item belonged to the manager of a nursery in central Belfast. She wanted something to hang in her office which was just that little bit different and personal.

framed babys first top coat

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