A call to arms

Recently a young couple from Glengormley came to me with an item they had bought at Edinburgh Castle. They had been married the month before and were on honeymoon in Edinburgh and paid a visit to the Castle. Inside the castle the is a craft shop with on the castle that draw family Coat Of Arms. Typically these consist of the embossed and embroidered heraldic crest on material and a certificate of authenticity and an explanation of the origin and history of the family name on parchment paper. This particular Coat of Arms is the gentleman’s name. We decided on a black box frame and ivory core mount for the crest with the parchment raised on the mount for display. Two days after it was hung in the house, I received a phone call to ask could I do the same with a freshly ordered coat of arms, this time in the lady’s maiden name. framed item coat of arms heraldry framing framed coat of arms