Framed, delivered, hung all in one piece…

A lady from Whitehead called in recently with another unusual item for framing. Her husband had spent the previous week putting together a thousand piece jigsaw puzzle map of the world. She wanted to know if I could frame it as a present to him and what was the best way to present it.

There are a few trade secrets with framing jigsaws as they are one of the most difficult things to frame correctly. Starting with picking the item up from their home and transporting it to the workshop in one single piece not 1000! I didn’t fancy the idea of sitting down for a week trying to put it together again so a few special tools in the workshop ensure that doesn’t happen!

As you can imagine it takes a while to assemble the frame for this type of item and once laid out gives the opportunity to pick the colour of the frame. We went with an Italian antique silver moulding as it set off the old map style of the jigsaw well.

The job wasnt finished until it was delivered and safely hung in the clients home. A few days later I had a phone call from a rather pleased husband. One of those times where final delivery in one piece was really appropriate!

framed jigsaw map of the world framing framed jigsaw map of the world framing