It takes all sorts…

When I say I can frame anything I really do mean I can put anything in a frame.
You get all sorts of weird and wonderful requests, some for public release, others definitely not!
Recently a friend from Bangor went to Barcelona and managed to get to the Nou Camp for a game, the game in which FC Barcelona were presented with the La Liga trophy.
My son is mad about football and friends sometimes bring him back a souvenir from the games they are at.
Most times its a programme or ticket stub or other small thing but apparently they dont do programmes at FC Barcelona any more, they sell branded potato chips or crisps to us.
Presenting my son with this full bag of barca potato crisps my friend challenged him to get his Dad to frame that!

Well, as I mentioned before in this blog Ive framed some strange and unusual items, its just a case of getting it looking right and picking a frame to match. In this case I mounted the still full bag of crisps on white card and mounted it in a 3 inch deep moulding but with a 2 inch spacer to keep the bag off the glass and give the impression that the bag is floating in air in the frame.

It was a first for me, Ive never been asked or in this case challenged to framing a bag of crisps before but at the end of the day this isn’t just any old bag of crisps its an FC Barcelona bag of crisps!

Barcelona framed potato crisps - acorn framing

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