Ive got the whole world in my hands….

A customer from Bangor got in touch recently with a ‘I dont know if this can be framed or not’ type query.

The standard answer is normally ‘yes it can’ and the follow up answer is ‘its all a question of time and money!’.

This particular item is one of those engineering challenges that doesnt arise too often. The item in question was a map of the world measuring 66 inches by 40 inches. Thats over 5 feet by 3!
The map was to be hung in the clients training suite in Bangor so I had to survey the site to see what sort of hanging mechanism would be appropriate.

The frame itself posed a number of challenges as it not only had to be rigid enough to present the map flat but it also had to be fabricated in such a way that it wouldnt bow in different conditions.

This of course added to the weight of the total item so a hidden support bracket was added to the bottom of the frame as overall it was too heavy for a conventional hanging system. The clients wall was a block wall so no issues with the wall being able to support the weight.

I have framed larger items but this is one of the largest Ive done in a conventional frame for conventional hanging as we reached the limit of commercially available off the shelf glass.

large framed map of the world