Size isnt everything…

I sometimes make a rod for my own back with this blog. Everything can be framed, its just a question of time, money and energy.

So a recent customer from Ballyclare rang to ask if I could frame a print for him. Its big, its really big. Anyway enough boasting, what size is the print?
I’ll bring it down and show you.
When we had it rolled out in the workshop it measured 78 inches in length. Who says size isn’t everything?
At just over six and a half feet this provides not just a framing challenge but also a structural one. Its not just the frame and the glass but also the type of wall and how the final framed print is going to be mounted. The wall has to be strong enough to support all that weight so I went out to have a look at where it was going to hang and how I was going to hang it.
huge oversized framed print northern ireland
Because of the size of the print, I made the frame first and then brought this to a specialist glass company who would cut the 4mm glass to fit the frame exactly.
specialist glass for huge oversized framed print northern ireland
The glass had to be rigid enough not to bend which all added to the weight of the overall frame, which of course had to be sturdy to support the weight of the glass and so on.
Glass cut there was the small issue of transporting the glass, now in frame and I knew I wouldn’t soundly sleep until everything was hanging, safely and securely in the customers home.
huge oversized finished framed print northern ireland
Just to give you an idea of the scale of the bespoke finished print, here is yours truly standing beside it! Just another few sleepless nights at acorn framing!
huge bespoke oversized framed print northern ireland