Starting them young, framed baby ulster rugby kit..

A customer called me from Newtownards last week asking about the sizes of framed sports shirts. This time instead of how big can you do it was how small a shirt can you frame.
A big contrast to the last rugby shirt I framed which was jumbo sized.
It turns out the shirt was very small, in fact it was a signed ulster rugby kit belonging to her 6 month old baby boy. Now I don’t Ulster sign kids that early, but you never know…
This was the smallest kit I had ever framed and is a lovely present for the baby to keep hanging in their bedroom.
The bedroom was all white so the frame was done in white with an off white mount.
Hopefully some day this wee boy will wear the senior Ulster jersey at Ravenhill.

framed bespoke baby ulster rugby shirt
framed bespoke baby ulster rugby shirt