what a belter!

I had a lady contact me, asking if I could frame her sons martial arts belts. Not a problem, says I, call over with them.

Several large bags later I wondered just what on earth I had got myself into, still, the ‘I can frame anything’ motto applies so we got to discussing how to do this set.
She had saved every single belt he had earned from his white belt aged six right up to his first Dan black belt. Each belt could not be cut and they were all to be mounted together.

We decided on an inset box frame with white inlays and a black surround.
I hand stitched every belt in order onto mount card and constructed the multi layered box frame sturdy enough to hold the weight of all the belts. We also included his first DAN black belt certificate and I think you will agree it is a great presentation of his journey from absolute beginner to black belt. Something to be very proud of and deserves to be presented.

A complete belter you might say! (sorry, couldnt resist!)

martial arts belts framing martial arts belt framed