Yo Adrian! I did it!

I like when I get phone calls along the lines of ‘Can you frame…’ as the answer is usually ‘Yes’. The rest is just how long and how much.

One such phone call was about framing a very large print of Rocky Balboa. That in itself is a bit of a challenge as the entire size was 72 inches by 48. Thats 6 feet by 4 feet, a huge section of someones wall.
What made this framing unique was that instead of a single large poster print, the image was a montage of 9 individual A4 prints.
The prints were arranged out and mounted onto a foamex back before spacing out on a single large backboard sheet. We tried various gaps and the client settled on an inch grid space between the images.
With this type of arrangement, the individual photos must be kept from touching the glass so spacers were used around the frame to separate the photos from the glass and almost give a 3d effect.
The final framed image is a very impressive and imposing piece of pop art which is a real talking point.
Framed montage of Rocky Balboa