Photo Framing

Here is a step by step guide to how I frame your items

This photograph was taken by Joe Fox on a recent trip to Northern Norway for his photo agency Radharc Images. Joe produced some stunning photographs of a full Corona of the Northern Lights on an Aurora chase just outside Tromso in Northern Norway. Joe chose one of the images for framing and it is produced on archival fine art photographic paper 18×12 inches in size.

With the size of image the mount is then chosen and depending on where the image is to be hung may have an influence on the total frame size. When we decide this I measure out the glass for the entire frame
Acorn Framing - measuring glass for bespoke frame

The particular type of glass for this frame is then hand cut
Acorn Framing - framing signed football boot

The style and colour of the mount is chosen and is then hand cut to size
Acorn Framing - hand cutting frame glass

In this case the photographic print is then attached to the mount
Acorn Framing - attaching the photograph to the mount

The photo and mount are then offered up to the glass for assembly
Acorn Framing - assembling the photo mount and glass

The print mount and glass are cleaned and airblown to get rid of dust
Acorn Framing - cleaning the frame with the power air jet

The selected frame edging is then cut to exact dimensions with the guillotine
Acorn Framing - cutting the frame sections with a guillotine

The frame sections are then offered up to the print and glass for final assembly
Acorn Framing - bringing the frame together

The frame is then stapled together in the v frame
Acorn Framing - using a v frame to staple the frame together

All the components are then brought together for assembly
Acorn Framing - final assembling the components

The backboard and frame are stapled together
Acorn Framing - stapling backboard to frame

hanging cord is measured for the frame position
Acorn Framing - measuring frame hanging cord

the hanging eyelets and mounting cord are attached to the frame
Acorn Framing - hanging eyelets and mounting cord

The final finished article
Acorn Framing - the final finished frame

The finished frame is then wrapped to protect it during final transportation to the client
Acorn Framing - wrapping the frame for transportation

Photos courtesy Joe Fox Photography

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