The Real Thing….

I recently had a man contact me from London enquiring about a framing job he was looking done.

The items where game worn football jerseys but not just ordinary tops.

…. Real Madrid game worn Tops. not only Real Madrid worn tops

….only Ronaldo and Zidane game worn tops.

They where forwarded to me by special delivery and never was that term more appropriate. Zidane and Ronaldo game worn shirts and the shirt presented to the Real Madrid players for winning the champions league in 2000!

As the client was based in London all the framing discussed via Skype with the framed shirts to be hung in his holiday apartment in Belfast.

Certainly three of the most memorable (and valuable) shirts Ive ever framed, well excluding the signed George Best one but thats another blog story for another day….

framed real madrid game worn shirts


framed real madrid game worn shirts