Framed Degree Certificates

One of my neighbours in Newtownabbey was doing a bit of spring cleaning yesterday when they came across their old degree certificates. Both were issued by Queens University Belfast (QUB) and were in the dust covered shop bought frames they had been placed in the day after graduation and never touched since.

My neighbour went on to do a Masters degree after their first degree and framed the diploma in a similar shop bought diploma frame. The frames were similar but didnt quite match so they asked me to put together some framing options to have both the certificates framed in the same frame so they could be hung on the wall and not gather dust propped up in a cabinet somewhere.

We looked at various options including a simple black frame and mount but settled on an antique silver mount. The originals were framed in metal gold finish frames but that was over 20 years ago!

With graduation season coming up, its a timely reminder not to wait 20 odd years to get your certificates or diplomas framed!

framed degree diploma certificates